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I didn't save you Kid, you saved yourself.

― Neo

Kid's Story is an episode of The Animatrix written by the Wachowskis and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, with animation and production design by Studio 4°C, Tokyo. Kid's Story is the tale of how the Kid discovered the truth about the Matrix and entered the real world.


Kid talks to Neo in chatroom

Kid, a bluepill named Michael Karl Popper, has recurring dreams where he is falling. After waking up from one such dream, he logs on to a chatroom, and receives a message from Neo. The following day, the Kid's cellphone goes off in class; after being reprimanded and switching it off, his cellphone rings again.

To the annoyance of his teacher, Michael answers: On the line is Neo, telling him to get out now. He is chased through his high school by a band of Agents, and ends up cornered on the roof. Asserting his faith in Neo, Michael throws himself over the edge.

Members of Michael's family and school are shown attending his funeral, commenting on how he's "in another world now". A fade up from black shows the Kid awakening in the real world to see Neo and Trinity watching over him. They remark that he has achieved "self substantiation", which was considered impossible: The Kid thanks Neo for saving him, but Neo says that he "saved himself".


  • In both the short itself and The Matrix Reloaded, the Kid seems to believe it was Neo's actions, not his own, that saved him.
  • His dream may have actually been a vision of his own future.
  • It is the only one of the animated shorts contained in The Animatrix in which Neo appears.
  • Kid's name might be a reference to the philosopher Karl Popper, proponent of falsifiability: the idea that unless a statement could be proven false it is meaningless.
  • Self substantiation is never thoroughly discussed in any part of the series. Dan Davis in the Animatrix short "World Record" similarly manages to exit the Matrix without the use of a Redpill, whereas in The Matrix, Morpheus speaks of the founder of Zion who freed himself, presumably without external help.