Kill-codes are methods by which to delete particular programs in the Matrix, often encoded into objects such as weapons. Kill-codes are often represented by the weaknesses of the mythical beings these programs tend to emulate.

In The Matrix Reloaded, Persephone uses a gun loaded with silver bullets to kill Abel and threaten Cain. Each was either a vampire or werewolf.

The Apothecary had the ability to concoct kill codes like the one for The Oracle in the Matrix Online.

Known Kill codesEdit

  • Holy Water is the kill-code for a Succubus.
  • Wooden stakes, arrows, and silver bullets are kill-codes for Vamps and Lupines.
  • Flyspray is the kill-code for The Assassin and related creatures.
  • The kill-code for the Oracle was given to The Merovingian by Rama Kandra and his wife in return for their daughter being transferred into the Matrix. However, the Oracle changed her shell, preventing her death.
  • Another kill-code was made with the help of The Apothecary, which required ingredients inlcuding a code vial and Beirn's blood.
  • Because of Anome's almost invincible state from drinking specialized cheat vials, the Agents had to resort to using specialized kill-codes to defeat him.
  • Neurophyte was infected by a kill-code virus which threatened her health. (Whether she lived or died depended on the residing server in the SOE.) The Storyline has since been dropped when the game was merged into three main servers.
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