Rocket: Her name was Mona.
King: She was a sweet thing, I'll bet.... you were in love?
Rocket: No... it's all fake, anyway. Just part of this stupid computer program.
King: Hey, man, love is love. It's in the soul.... it doesn't care if your body's made of flesh and blood or zeroes and ones.
― King discussing Rocket's life as a bluepill[src]

King was a redpill Resistance member who assisted in the rescue mission for Rocket in Rocket's own hometown of Scottsdale from within the Matrix. As a bluepill, he engineered the largest stock scam in the history of Wall Street even before the Internet days.

History[edit | edit source]

King hosted Rocket in a safe house while Rocket's ship, the Mariner, was left stranded without any other crew members following an attack by sentinels. Since Rocket was plugged into the Matrix with no operator in his ship to pull him out, trapped for days and with a broken leg at that, King helped keep Rocket distracted by talking about their past. They tackled their less than stellar lives as bluepills, revealing his past as a history-making Wall Street fraudster. Eventually though, they landed on the topic of Rocket's past love.

Rocket tried to disavow his love life, mentioning that it was all fake anyway. But King persuaded him not to discount any love he felt from back when he was still a bluepill. This spurred Rocket to leave the safe house under cover of night and reconnect with his bluepill ex, Mona Thomas.

Rocket: You were so fast! Another second-_
King: A second is all they give you. It was a lucky shot.
― King to Rocket, warning him to act swiftly against Agents[src]

The morning after Rocket left, King received news that the Mariner had been pinged and an alert that Agents were in Scottsdale. He then set out and found the decrepit Rocket sleeping along trashcans. Waking him up and relaying the good news of an impending rescue, he tried to make Rocket focus back on returning to the Real World. During this meeting, a nearby worker suddenly started getting possessed by Agent Brown but King preemptively shot him before the transformation could fully take place. King gave Rocket the address of the exit and a gun, warning him to think quick against Agents.

King soon noticed that Agent Brown had possessed a kid. Thinking it too late to stop the transformation and in order to give Rocket an escape, he lead the Agent away from Rocket.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Based on his story, King was either a prolifically brilliant fraudster who pulled his scams at a young age or one of the few redpills who got out as an adult.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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