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Kitt Pritchard

Kitt: This caviar is like soup... Got any spoons?
Cameraman: There are no spoons.
― Kitt and her cameraman during Raven's exhibit

Kitt Pritchard was an announcer for the television program, Culture Beat, of Channel 11.


She was the on-location correspondent at Hednet Gallery on the opening night for the exhibit of "Nightmare Sculptor" Raven Underwell, whose work, the "Simulacra" sculptures, were controversial for the fear they instilled on its viewers. She interviewed a couple of the audience who were all frightful of the sculptures' effects. She also interviewed the artist, Raven Underwell, herself.

When she demonstrated her invitation ticket on screen during her closing lines, a gifted young boy stole her pass through the TV, teleporting the object. Moments later, the boy had teleported himself, through the ticket, and to the gallery. Kitt, having ended her segment and not knowing how her pass vanished, was perplexed and kept trying to look for it.

Her colleague, the cameraman, was meanwhile urging her to move on and was particularly interested in the "hors d'hoevres". When Kitt finally went and ate with him, she found that the caviar was like soup, and asked her cameraman if there were any spoons. The cameraman answered, "there are no spoons."