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Kujaku is a Synthient who switched to the humans' side, and is an ally of Niobe. It is a spy for IO within the Matrix's Power Plant.


Kujaku resembles a bird, with grey armor and blue lines running through it as well as connectors and cables that can be used to keep a human connected into the Matrix while their body is transported in the real world.

Kujaku’s RSI is a pigeon.


The Matrix Resurrections (2021)[]

Kukaju is one who tells Niobe about Sati's knowledge of the Anomaleum. Kujaku later accompanies the crew of the Mnemosyne to free Trinity from the Matrix.


  • "Kujaku" means "peacock" in Japanese, fitting its birdlike wings which are covered in colorful energy lines.
  • According to DNEG animation supervisor Keith Roberts, in interview with The Illusion Almanac, "Kujaku is a pigeon in the Matrix" This most likely refers to the pigeon Neo sees on the roof of his apartment building.