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The Lieutenant outside the Heart O' The City Hotel

For other lieutenants, see Lieutenant (disambiguation)

I think we can handle one little girl.

― The Lieutenant to Agent Smith about Trinity[src]

The Lieutenant was a bluepill police officer in the Matrix.


As the officer in charge of the police attempt to arrest Trinity while she monitored Neo from Room 303 of the Heart O' The City Hotel, he watched the outside of the building after sending two units in, despite being given specific orders to wait for Agents Smith and Brown to arrive.

While he assumed that two units would easily be able to arrest her, he was unaware of her abilities as a redpill, and when the Agents arrived, Smith informed him that the orders had been for their own protection, as by then his men were already dead.


  • "Hey, I'm just doing my job. You give me that juris-my-diction crap, you can cram it up your ass."
  • "I think we can handle one little girl."