This article is about the operator, for the character from Burning Hope, see Link (operative).

Link was the operator on board the Nebuchadnezzar, assigned there after the previous operator, Tank, died. He is portrayed by Harold Perrineau.


Link was a freeborn in Zion. He grew up to marry Zee, the sister of Tank and Dozer. He promised Dozer that if anything happened to Tank he would take up his job.

He had previously been the operator on board another ship for AK, who was killed by an Agent while trying to exit before the events leading to Tank and Dozer's death. When this happened, as promised, he joined the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar, becoming their new Operator.

During the final battle of Zion he acted as a gunner on the Hammer, protecting the ship from the Sentinel attack. Once they got close enough to Zion, Captain Roland ordered him to charge the ship's EMP and once they crash-landed into the Dock, Link fired it on Morpheus' orders. Link's EMP blast disabled the Sentinels in the Dock, saving the day temporarily, but also disabled all of the Dock's defense systems.

Link is reunited with his wife (who also fought in the battle) outside the ship and remains in the Temple during the final showdown with the Machines. When Kid proclaims the Machines gone, Link leads the cheering for Neo's victory.

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