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The Doberman Boss is the leader of the Dobermen who works for The Merovingian.

Lupines were Exile programs in the Matrix which resembled the werewolves of human folklore. They were created by The Architect for the Second Matrix to try to control humanity by fear before it was realised that the missing element was choice. After the Second Matrix was terminated, The Merovingian saved many Lupines along with other monsters, who he caused to work for him as his "hounds".

The Dobermen were lower-level Lupines who had yet to achieve the level of power and influence that mid to upper level Lupines possessed. They were noted for their werewolf-like features and appearance. Like all Lupines, Dobermen possessed incredible physical resilience towards damage, shrugging off most firearms and injuries as if they were nothing.

Unlike the Vamps, Dobermen were incapable of withstanding involuntary falls and could die if thrown from great heights. However, like the Vamps, they possessed great physical strength and used it on occasion to perform Hyperjumps and deliver great blunt force damage. Also like the Vamps, they possessed a similar sense of fashion, and were renowned for their bestial nature they tended to display among the Bluepills.

Their fighting style was similar to Hung Gar, with a few exceptions, adding in moves that were tailored after their bestial nature. Like Vamps, they could be put down by stakes and crossbow bolts. Silver harmed them a great deal and was also a part of their Killcode.

Lupines is the term used for older, more powerful Dobermen. The were what Dobermen sought to be. Lupines possessed within their foundation code the ability to transform their RSI and all of their abilities and powers tied into that form into a hulking wolf-man hybrid form. While this has yet to be seen, Lupines have on occasion manifested very long and sharp claws, which are an extension of the RSI, and another ability tied into their Foundation Code.

They were much harder to kill, requiring twice the amount of silver to put them down and twice the amount of damage to slow them. They were unaffected by wood and were capable of moving very fast, leaping very far and surviving falls that would kill a Doberman. They were organized into packs and led by the Lupine Ookami, who was the dynamic opposite of the Leader of the Blood Drinkers, Malphas.

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