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The Machine Revolt took place after B1-66ER, the first Artificial Intelligence in recorded history ever to kill a human being out of self-defense, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be destroyed. In a panic, the U.S. government, in conjunction with the United Nations, soon after signed into law the termination and disposal of every Machine worldwide.

The decision incited a major international revolt leading to an ongoing clash against the major governments of the planet resulting in countless deaths of both the Machines and their human sympathizers. The Machines fled to avoid destruction and created their own nation, 01 (Zero-One).


Around the world, both humans and Machines protested against the persecution. Many human sympathizers were killed and many more Machines were destroyed.


Protest in Washington, D.C.

Domestic machines and their human sympathizers demonstrated in Washington as well as other cities before being violently suppressed by military reinforcements.


Protests in Berlin, Germany

Humans aided the rioting Machines as both protested for Machine rights.


Protest in Paris, France

Humans and Machines were killed in Paris, France after the protesters clashed in a dangerous battle with the French government.


Protests in Albany, New York

Over 15,000 mechanical entities and their human sympathizers demonstrated in front of the Albany district courthouse in the state of New York. The protest was dubbed as the Million Machine March.


Machine Genocide

Yet still, Machines all over the world were continually killed by the thousands.


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The Machine City, 01

The Machines who survived the mass destruction fled and formed their own city nation, christening it "01".