For the crewmember of the Calappidae, see Maggie (Calappidae)

Maggie was the medic onboard the Mjolnir (called the Hammer by the crew).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Maggie was a Redpill, and the Hammer's medical expert. Little is known about her, and she is not seen on-screen until the end of The Matrix Reloaded.

After the Hammer found the crew of the recently destroyed Nebuchadnezzar, she took the unconscious Neo and placed him in the medical bay alongside Bane. There she monitored both their conditions, and realised that Neo was showing signs of being jacked into the Matrix, despite not physically being so.

Later on, Bane regained consciousness. Maggie and Captain Roland questioned him about what had happened during the Zion counterattack against the burrowing machines and his self-inflicted scars: He gave no answers, saying he couldn't remember. Both Maggie and Captain Roland became highly suspicious of him.

While the crews of the Hammer and the Nebuchadnezzar had a meeting upstairs, Maggie was alone with Bane in the medical bay. She prepared to give him a sedative, informing him that was to help him remember by allowing him to relax. While talking with him she realised the truth of his actions, but did not notice that Bane had removed a scalpel from her tray. She swung round to inject the sedative into his neck, and was stabbed in the abdomen.

Maggie died from her wound. Her body was discovered by the crew shortly afterwards.

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