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Administrators should keep an eye on the following pages to help keep the wiki "cleaned up" and running the way it should. Administrators are expected to play an active role in helping out on one or more of these pages. If you are an administrator, please sign up below for an area you will help keep an eye on. If all of us work together it will not take much effort.

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Put 'em to use or get 'em out.  :)

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Which pages are the object of redlinks.

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Fill in appropriate sources.

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Watch for compliance with WP:MOS.

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Watch for vandalism; ban appropriately.

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Watch for vandalism; ban appropriately.

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Watch for harassment; ban appropriately.

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Vote and carry out decisions.

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Vote and carry out decisions.

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Template:Delete Sclera1 13:02, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

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Address the concerns here and modify the articles so they will not violate copyrights.

Category:Fanon to be redirected and locked Edit

Redirect proven and re-occuring fanon to the List of fanon creations.

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Check pages that have been marked as possible fanon and take appropriate action.