Mauser was a Zion born mechanic technician aboard the Mjolnir, and friend of Colt under Captain Roland during the Sixth Matrix Resistance. Believed dead on the crash of the Mjolnir at the start of the Second Machine War, Mauser actually saved Commander Lock's life. He was lost leading sentinels away from Lock's position, but was later mysteriously sighted a number of times in the Matrix.


Mauser was born in Zion during the Sixth Matrix Resistance, and went on to become the mechanic technician of the Mjolnir.


Mauser was with the crew of the Mjolnir when it was part of a group of six hovercraft that attempted a pre-emptive strike on the sentinel army blocking the main lines to Zion as the diggers drilled towards it from above. An EMP triggered by the Smith possessed Bane aboard the Caduceus before the ships could get into position took down five, allowing the sentinel to massacre the crewmembers. The Mjolnir escaped, and did a second pass to check for survivors after the sentinels returned to position, finding only Bane, who they picked up for questioning.

Second Machine WarEdit

At the start of the Second Machine War, the Mjolnir was destroyed, its systems fried from the feedback caused by the destruction of the old Zion mainframe it was trying to defend. Roland and Colt survived, but believed AK and Mauser to be dead; in fact, he rescued Commander Lock, and took him to an abandoned lab facility on the surface and tended to his injuries. When Lock returned to Zion, he told them what had happened, and said how Mauser had died leading sentinels away from his position. The Kid went to investigate the lab, which showed sentinel and lightning rifle damage and all the equipment was wrecked; inside he found Mauser's fingerprints and traces of his blood. Tyndall sent Zion operatives to capture Machine logs of Sentinel activity at the site, but no records of any such activity were found.

Despite being believed dead and never having had a headjack, Mauser was later sighted in the Matrix, and Colt led a tireless search for him until he was told to stop the investigation by Seraph.


Like most of the crew of the Mjolnir, Mauser is named after weapons; in his case the German arms manufacturer.


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