Mobil Ave

Rama Kandra, Sati, Kamala, and Neo in Mobil Avenue

Mobil Avenue station (or Mobil Ave) is a separate virtual world controlled by the the Trainman as a smuggling portal for exile programs to get into the Matrix, and for programs inside the Matrix to be smuggled into the machine world. The Trainman works for the Merovingian.

After discovering his powers outside the Matrix, Neo falls in a coma. It is believed that after visiting the Architect, he acquired a wireless connection with the source, therefore allowing him his abilities outside the Matrix. However, since Neo refused to accept his programming (to reinsert the Prime Program) he was most likely deemed a "rogue program" and sent to the Mobil Station for confinement. His mind and RSI was trapped in Mobil while not jacked into the Matrix. Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph threatened the Merovingian and he allowed the Trainman to release Neo.


  • Mobil is an anagram for "limbo", which is fitting since it can be seen as a parallel of Purgatory.
  • When Neo is trying to board the train, the Trainman punches him into a wall which breaks. Later when Trinity, Morpheus, and Seraph come to take him back, the wall is repaired.
    • This is either a mistake overlooked by the movie makers, or the construct repaired itself or the Trainman repaired it after leaving Neo there.
    • The title of the train that passes in the "Mobil" sequence is "Loop". This may refer to a computer programming 'loop' sequence (while); or that Limbo is a looping of time; or an homage to Chicago, The Wachowskis' hometown.
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