Mona Thomas

Mona Thomas was a girl who hung by Larry Little and Rocket, who was his first love. Sometime, Rocket was lost; unknown to Mona, he was freed from the Matrix and joined the Resistance.

Suddenly, one night, he was on a bike and threw a rock at her window. Together they went to stare the stars. Rocket told her how he did miss her but would not explain his disappearance from her life. Mona suggested to visit Denny's and see Larry and the other kids but Rocket denied. He offered her flowers he found near a trash, but then his leg was broken in the Real World, affecting him in the Matrix, only for him to heal it again. He then took a bike and left.

The next day, Agent Brown approached her and said that he was looking for Rocket, because he was a dangerous criminal and had killed Larry.

Rocket wanted to talk to Mona before leaving the Matrix once more and told her to visit him in Motel 6 on Camelback Road. There he promised her that everything was going to be ok and that he would liberate her to be together. Mona then said that the FBI was looking for him.

Soon after, right when the phone was ringing, she transformed to Agent Brown while holding Rocket. Rocket hesitated shooting Mona and met his death at Brown's hands.

Presumably, Mona found her self back, only to find Rocket dead before her.


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