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Mona Thomas

Rocket: These are for you.
Mona: Lord, Rocket, you're acting very strange. You've never gotten me flowers before.
Rocket: I didn't believe in them.
― Mona, a bluepill, and Rocket, a redpill[src]

Mona Thomas was a female bluepill who hung by Larry Little and Rocket in Scottsdale. She was in love with Rocket who, one day, disappeared from their lives. Unknown to Mona, he was freed from the Matrix and joined the Resistance. Just as suddenly as he disappeared, he just sprung back in Scottsdale one day and appeared before Mona.


One night, Mona heard a pebble thrown at her window. She opened it, expecting Larry, but was instead surprised to see Rocket who was asking her to join him in his bike. She then climbed down her window and, together, they rode to a spot by the road with a full view of the stars and the city.

Rocket, Mona's missing boyfriend

Mona was curious about what happened to Rocket and why he just suddenly disappeared. But Rocket only ever expressed, indirectly, how he loved Mona and did not explain anything else. Mona suggested visiting Denny's afterwards, stating how Larry and his gang would also love to see him, but Rocket, looking worried, answered that he only wanted to be with Mona.

Rocket excused himself briefly to grab some water off his bike but came back giving her flowers, which was a first for Rocket. Caught in the moment, they kissed. Mona then confessed her love for Rocket but Rocket suddenly just wailed in pain. His right leg twisted, and he suddenly looked sick. But then a moment later, his leg started looking fine again. Then Rocket pushed her away and left on his bike in a hurry, leaving Mona in tears.

The next day, Mona was visited at home by an Agent Brown. He was looking for Rocket and shared how Rocket was a dangerous criminal who had killed Larry the night before. Mona denied having seen Rocket, instead lying and saying it had been months since they last saw each other. The Agent left her his card in case she does hear from Rocket.

Mona, sobbing for Rocket in her room

Later that day, Rocket called Mona, briefly asking to meet. She hurriedly visited him in Motel 6 located in Camelback Road. Looking ill but glad, he told her that everything was going to be ok and that he would get her out of there but that he needed to again disappear first, asking her to wait for his return. She then promised to go with him wherever he was headed and that she would wait.

Soon after, the phone rang. She had just warned Rocket of the Agent looking for him when she started getting possed by Agent Brown. Rocket drew his gun and pointed it at Mona but hesitated shooting her. Agent Brown fully materialized from Mona and quickly killed Rocket.


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