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The woman freeing a fetus pod

Morning Sickness was a webcomic created by Manex Visual Effects for The Matrix Comics Series 1 which was not published in either of the printed volumes nor included in later publications.


A woman wakes on the surface and hears her Operator greet her through her headset. She tells him she's awake and, when he urges her to get moving to the fetus fields, crushes one of the small spider-like maintenance Machines crawling over her which had just bitten her neck, shouting that she's awake back at him again.

Sitting up, she reminds herself that she needs to remember why she's doing this; [she starts walking] not for Zion or their scientists; [now reaching the fetus fields, she stops and looks over them] but for the children; [as she reaches one of the pods she wipes the surface clear to look at the baby inside] and herself.

Running from the Harvester

She cracks the fetus pod free while holding it in a carrying bag, and hugs it, saying "he's perfect!". Suddenly, she looks around to see the searchlight of a Harvester blazing down on her and screams "Oh God! No!", desperately running away between the rows of fetus pods and demanding a way out of there immediately. The operator lets her know that they are tracking and tells her to go to the waste funnel, saying they will meet her at the bottom.

The woman leaps into the giant funnel with the Harvester close behind her and, as she slides down with the Harvester's tentacles following, she catches on some tubes and almost loses the pod she is carrying, just grabbing it by the carrying bag's handle. Quickly the tentacles are almost on her, and she slips, the pod falling away and the tentacles finally closing in and impaling her with their claws.

The woman comforting her child

Lying strapped to the chair, the training sim ends, and she returns to consciousness in the Real World. The operator calms her while he unstraps her from the chair, saying that she's okay and out of the simulation now. He remarks that he's not surprised it failed, saying that they obviously need a male to secure the infant, but is cut short by the woman grabbing him by the neck, shouting at him and insisting that she is not giving up.

A child cries out "…mama?!" and again less worriedly as the woman approaches the doorway the child is standing in. She asks if it was a bad dream and picks him up, telling him that she's fine as she hugs him, and as she reassures him, saying "I've got you now", we see the child's headjack, an indication that she has by now successfully completed the real mission.




The following people were credited with creating Morning Sickness: John Gaeta, Grant Niesner, Thomas Proctor, Brett Hartshorn, Dan Rosen, Noah Mizrahi, Sean White and Jamie Pilgrim.