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Mouse appears to be the youngest and most diminutive crew member on the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar. He is a pod-born zionite and is later killed by S.W.A.T. gunfire within the Matrix. He is played by the Australian actor, Matt Doran.

First Appearance[]

Mouse turns away from tapping on a console to follow Neo with interest during a tour of the Neb. Neo takes no notice of Mouse until Morpheus points him out.

Role on the Neb Crew[]

Mouse explaining the concept of Food within the Matrix to Neo.

Mouse shows a quirky philosophical streak during the mealtime scene. He cites a product called Tastee Wheat as an example of how the Machines may have botched sensory perception, i.e. the taste of the simulated food may be inaccurate. He also suggests, apparently in all seriousness, that this could be the reason many foodstuffs are said to taste like chicken.

Apoc, Mouse and Switch watching Neo run the Jump program.

Both his hedonism and his pride in his work as a programmer are reflected by his affinity for the Woman in Red (a component of the Agent training program) for whom he claims design credit. He is fond of ogling her poster while on watch duty and urges Neo to meet her a second time. The implicit attempt to arrange a sexual encounter between her and Neo earns him the honorific "the digital pimp" from Switch.

Mouse is also very excited (like Tank) about Neo potentially being the one. He alerts the crew enthusiastically, "Morpheus is fighting Neo!" when Morpheus and Neo first fight in the sparring program. During the fight, Mouse says (about Neo) "Jesus Christ, he's fast!. Look at his neurokinetics- they're way above normal". Later, when Neo enters the Jump program, Mouse is excited about the prospect of Neo making the jump.

Last Stand[]

After a glitch in the matrix, Mouse is trapped.

Mouse is awaiting the return of his shipmates in the Lafayette Hotel when Agents change the hotel's configuration. Following a warning by phone from Tank, he desperately makes for a passageway and finds it's been transformed into a brick wall.

Mouse is shot and killed while shooting at the S.W.A.T. team.

As S.W.A.T. forces move in to corner him, Mouse scrambles for a large case he's had standing by and produces his favorite guns. Though trapped and doomed, he goes down shooting and shouting a battle-cry.

Aboard the Nebuchadnezzar, Mouse spits some blood as he dies. Trinity later covers his body in a crude shroud and lays him alongside Apoc, Dozer, and Switch.


  • Mouse supplies comic relief throughout the film, making jokes about the ship's food and calling Apoc and Switch hypocrites. He also shows some disregard for conventional fashion sense by wearing a rib cage t-shirt underneath his Avatar's outfit. Like Morpheus and Neo, he wears a hat on the ship.
  • A cat heralds Mouse's death.
  • Mouse is also the the name of a tool for personal computers (PCs), designed to navigate a cursor to the applications of said computers. This in turn alludes to Mouse's ability to design programs.