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Murasaki (also known as Tsukiji) was a neighborhood in the International District. It serves as the home for the Exile known as Synn and the Exile gang known as the Black Tigers, who are an assembled gang of martial artists, who is led by their greatest warrior, ShadowStrider. The gang prowl among the streets in order to seek out worthy fighters to display their fighting skills.


Chapter 9.3.2Edit

When the story arc of the two strange rival wire-framed figures, The Merovingian, who was an ally of the one named Halborn, invited the other known as Carlyne to a meeting at the Jade Room. Despite feeling suspicious of this duplicitous Frenchman, The Merovingian assured him that he was actually aiding Carlyne, knowing the location of Halborn's override program in this district and had his operatives guide the Oligarch to them.


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