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Neil Gaiman is an English author, who wrote the short story Goliath for The Matrix Comics Series 1. His previous work included the Sandman comics series, which


The protagonist of Gaiman's Sandman, called the Dream or Morpheus, is often mentioned as an influence on the Matrix character Morpheus. On this connection Gaiman commented:

"There was an article someone forwarded to me when the first Matrix film came out, an interview where Lawrence Fishburne talked about meeting DC Comics' Head Jenette Kahn on a plane, and how she gave him some Sandman books, which he didn't read until he was cast in the Matrix, and was told by the Wachowskis that his part should be played like Morpheus in the Sandman comics. But that was the only mention I've ever seen."
Neil Gaiman's blog


After watching The Matrix Reloaded with his editor, Anne Michel in Paris on May 18 2003, which he then blogged he "thought was mostly terrific" and "also thought it made the first film better: there were a couple of things that had puzzled me when I read the script for the first film that I figured would make sense when I saw the film, and still didn't, that now do."[1]



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