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Neo examines the Modal after detecting a breach inside it.

Neo's Modal is a modal experiment created by Neo, based upon his suppressed memories. The Modal recreates part of Mega City and several of its inhabitants, though it does carry some distinct differences: a key shop is present in the Modal that leads to backdoor access to four areas within the Modal, and several of its inhabitants display slight to significant differences from their original counterparts.


Neo's Modal was created as an experiment by Neo, based upon a scenario in which several elements of the original attempt to capture Trinity at the Heart O' The City Hotel have been changed - some elements are small, while some are much more significant. For instance, Agent Brown has been replaced with Agent White, and Agent Smith has been reinterpreted as an amalgam of Agent Smith and Morpheus. The Modal contains only a few key areas from Mega City: the Heart O' The City Hotel, the Lafayette Hotel, a theatre, Thomas Anderson's Apartment, and a key shop.

The Modal is discovered by Bugs and Sequoia, and Bugs infiltrates it. Inside the Modal, the events surrounding the attempted capture of Trinity unfold differently. Trinity successfully defeats the SWAT team as the original events dictated, but Trinity is unable to escape the Agents as they lay a trap to ambush her during her attempted escape. Bugs is spotted by Smith, who orders the police to kill her. Bugs escapes into the Key Shop to evade the Agents, but Smith is able to use the backdoors to ambush and drag Bugs into Thomas Anderson's apartment, where it is revealed that, despite Thomas Anderson's apartment existing, no other evidence of his existence is present within the Modal. Smith declares that he knows something is wrong with the world, and declares himself to be Morpheus. Morpheus takes the Red Pill, and he and Bugs escape the Modal before the Agents can kill them by diving into an exit situated in the Lafayette Hotel's skylight.

Neo spots an intruder in the modal and investigates but can't find the perpetrator. Later, Neo's Modal is wiped, alongside all data and assets within it, presumably by the Analyst. Bugs later realizes that Neo had purposefully left the Modal open so that someone could find and free Morpheus from it.


  • The business signs in the modal simulation contain several gag names, apparently put there in-universe by Neo. A prominent one is the sign that Bugs falls down, which says "Anderson's: For Those Who Love To Eat Shit". Also Echo runs past a sign that says "Sabor a Mierda", which in Spanish means "A Taste of Shit".
  • The theater that Bugs passes through is playing "The Root of All Evil" starring Lito Rodriguez, a character in Sense8, another series by the Wachowskis. It appears to be another dig by Neo at the capitalistic greed from his parent company to crank out new video games.