"Neurophyte wanted me to say something about her. Since she's writing my bio, I think I'll just say she's a pleasure to work with and a friend to everyone"
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Neurophyte was a crew member of the Novalis II during the events of The Matrix Online. Before the merging of the eight servers into three, there was a mission where Neurophyte was infected by a kill-code virus when she was in the Matrix and needed to be saved, which resulted in a different outcome depending on the pre-merged server. With the merge, the admin for the game, Walrus announced it would drop this storyline.

  • Regression, Proxy Iterator, Enumerator and Output- recovered by Zion and in full health
  • Linenoise- Though she recovered, she died whilst in the process of extracting the kill code that was embedded in her brain like a cancer or tumor
  • Method- It was the Machines that recovered her and restored her to full health. As a result of this, she defected and became a Machinist operative.
  • Heuristic and Input, the Machines recovered her and extracted the killcode and killing her in the process.

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  • source taken from MxO archive

Neurophyte is the youngest of the Novalis II crew. Just recently brought out of training, her extremely quick reflexes and fast thinking have convinced Captain Sawayaka to make her the pilot of the Novalis II in the Real, and the "runner" for the diplomatic missions that Zion sends their way.

Anne is the "little sister" of the crew. Every person on the crew spends a little more time making sure she knows the ropes, and most of the crew members are on hand when she jacks out after a tough mission, to congratulate her and welcome her back.

Zion has suspected for a long time that some humans in the Matrix may have been altered from pure human genetic code. Neurophyte's incredibly fast neuro-kinetic responses (in the top 1% of all humans tested) are inexplicable to Zion's medical professionals. For this reason, Zion Command has requested that Neurophyte take part in a rigorous series of mental and physical tests whenever she returns to Zion. WanNi and Tamarin have complained that these tests have taken away whole days of Neurophyte's rest time.

Neurophyte enjoys writing, and telling stories. For this reason, Sawayaka tends to have Neurophyte write any reports to Zion that aren't critical. The usually direct Tyndall seems to appreciate her reports, making sending routine messages to Zion one less hassle in Sawayaka's eyes.

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