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A Nokia 8110 in The Matrix.

A Nokia 8110 was a type of cell phone that was used by bluepills and redpills within the Matrix.

Details and Features[]

A Nokia 8110 within The Matrix with the slider open.

This cell phone was mostly used during the early year of 2199 while the Resistance was searching for The One.

This cell phone also had a spring-loaded slider that allowed the phone to expand to reveal the dial pad and the microphone, and it also acted as a way of answering a phone call. The antenna was also expandable from its top spot on the phone and allowed calls from further distances to be made and used.

Real Life Nokia 8110[]

A real life Nokia 8110.

During the time of its original release during the mid-1990s, this cell phone was known for being the smallest and lightest phone from Nokia's selection. It was the first of Nokia's high-end, 8xxx series of cell phones and its distinctive styling was the first example of a 'slider' form factor. However, the real phones did not have a spring-loaded slider unlike in the trilogy. Another noticeable feature for this phone was how, when opened, the curvature of the case gave it a sort of banana-like appearance. This was how the phone earned the nickname "banana phone".

Many units of this phone model were used during the filming of The Matrix. Since the phones were popular and were one of the only well-known cell phones during the time of the films release in 1999, the production designer of the film decided to use this cell phone model for the cast and characters not only to resemble how the realm of the Matrix resembled the year of 1999, but also because usage of this particular phone model was already widespread amongst cell phone users at the time.


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