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Nova, preparing to battle a sentinel

And then it struck me...
I'm alive today because of Flint's myth...
And I won't be a part of killing it...
Today, Flint "the Collector", beat the Machines and unearthed a grand treasure.

― Nova, before Flint's grave[src]

Nova was a naturally-born human from Zion. She grew up hearing and admiring stories about Flint, the first Collector, and became a collector herself upon joining the hovercraft crew of the Polaris.


As a collector of the hovercraft, Polaris, Nova often went into the surface to gather and collect artifacts of human history. But after Flint lost his own ship and crew to a sentinel attack, he also joined the crew of Polaris, thus, allowing Nova to work closely with her personal hero, Flint.

Nova and Flint worked together as collectors for their ship. But since Flint lost his hovercraft, Pequod, Nova had started hearing rumors about him steadily going mad, actively seeking out either reprieve from his own life or revenge against the Machines. Nova, having more faith in Flint, chose to ignore these rumors however.

In one of their surface missions, Flint suddenly disembarked during one of Polaris' stops. Nova, believing that Flint was leaving to go out collecting, followed him. But Flint soon proved to actually be as mad as people believed him to be, and he led both Nova and a sentinel into the Pequod wreckage. The sentinel, he wanted to have a battle with, and Nova, he wanted to serve as witness.

After quite a prolonged battle where Flint surgically executed a hit-and-run tactic, Flint was inevitably overpowered and died at the hands of the sentinel. Nova, deciding to follow Flint's example, also faced the sentinel instead of hiding. But, surprisingly, she managed to best the sentinel.

Surviving the ordeal, Nova directed her efforts towards burying Flint together with the other crewmembers of the Pequod. She also gathered the strewn artifacts around the wreckage, and found that the Pequod carried the largest collection of discovered artifacts yet. Realizing that much was owed, her life included, due to Flint's examples, she refused to kill Flint's legend. Back in Zion, she instead ended Flint "the Collector"'s legend with him defeating the Machines in battle and then unearthing the treasure throve of artifacts she brought back home.