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Ookami was a gang-leader of the Doberman gang (Lupines). Her Vamp counterpart was Malphas.


Chapter 8.1.5[]

Ookami made a major appearance in during the strained relations with Zion and the machines, where the Merovingian arranged a "peace party", which was actually a ruse in order to rile up both of the two opposing factions.

Chapter 8.2.4[]

In Chapter 8.2.4, when Silver was forced to cooperate with the machines, including handing over the key to Wright's signal encryption, the peeved Merovingian sent out ookami and his operative to retaliate against the exile scientist by wiping out his labs Camon Heights.

Chapter 9.1.1-9.1.2[]

When a mysterious wireframed intruder appeared in the Matrix, the Merovingian introduced him to the exiles in his employ, including Ookami, as well as displaying his power and influence in a bid to impress the intruder, in the hope of being able to use the intruder's power. It is revealed that the intruder, Halborn, that he felt some familiarity with the exiles, but seemed only mildly interested.him to Cerulean, Malphas, Ookami, and Hypatia, but the intruder, while hinting at some familiarity with Exile programs and Matrix history, seemed only mildly interested.

Chapter 9.2.5[]

During Chapter 9.2.5, Ookami led a group a operatives to Indigo and Amber to seek information about the Morpheus Simulacrum, when the Merovingian was curious about its recent activities.

Chapter 9.3.4[]

During this time, Ookami became overwritten by one of halborn's override programs that were infesting in the area, , becoming Accelerated Ookami. As a result she became out of control, and Merovingian operatives had to locate a badly injured Halborn in order to cure her. When asking the Oligarch to remove the overrides, Halborn forcibly rebooted her, and said that this might cure her if she survived the process.

Chapter 10.2.4[]

She, along with Merovingian operatives followed the former crewmember aboard the Mjolnir, Mauser, who was journeying erratically across downtown, as well as fending off attacks from Mauser's crewmate, Colt. After they found him somewhere in Creston heights, he jacked out.

Chapter 10.2.5[]

When a group of Cypherites infiltrated the Merovingian's party at Club Hel in order to find out the Merovingian's plans about regarding the Ouroboros Corporation, Ookami appeared and saw through their disguises and drove them out of the club with her attacking Lupine minions.

Chapter 10.3.5[]

Ookami encouraged Merovingian operatives to join her in a street brawl against enemy operatives in Tabor Park in order to get some fighting practice.

The effectuator organized a "Biological Interface party", which included Ookami and Malphas costume contests.


"Ookami" is the Japanese word for "wolf", which can also be spelt Ogami.



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