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Link sitting at his operator console.

The operator is a crewmember on a hovercraft that assists his fellow redpill crewmembers with information on events, resources, and other protection while they are jacked into the Matrix. Typically, operators are natural-born humans who cannot jack in themselves, but have learned to read Matrix code as well as develop substantially advanced programming skills necessary to aid their comrades. Redpills such as Cypher could also perform operator tasks.

Closeup of the Operator console.

An operator sits at a central console, the core, where the hovercraft transmits a pirate broadcast signal that allows the ship to hack into the global Matrix transmission. The operator normally manages training programs within the Construct for new recruits or for sparring, and prepares crewmembers for missions through the loading of weapons and other materials within the Construct.

If all members of the crew are jacked in, the operator is also responsible for the safety of the ship. If Sentinels are detected (see proximity alert), the operator must attempt to retrieve all crewmembers from the Matrix to save everyone and the ship before he can use the EMP.

Known operators[]