The Ouroboros Corporation was a company involved in the production of microchips and is a private corporate provider. Their main location of operations are located somewhere in Downtown.

History Edit

8.3.5 Edit

In Chapter 8.3.5, a number of operatives went on a tour of the Ouroboros corporate headquarters in Creston Heights, conducted by an irritatingly chipper, yet somewhat evasive, tour guide. Several odd pieces of information came to light about the giant electronics manufacturer.


During chapter 10.2, Merovingian operatives found Oligarch network data flowing into the Ouroboros Corporation in Downtown whilst they were seeding the storm between the Machine City and the no-fly zone in order to establish contact with The General.

However, the operatives were abushed by the Ouroboros security guards.

The Merovingians decides to change tactics and pumped Ouroboros tour guide Judie Lahler for information in Club Janus in her off hours. Judie, who leads tours in Ouroboros' corporate headquarters in Creston Heights, indulged in a number of drinks, and seemed unhappy about her job, calling it boring and restrictive.


In the next chapter the Cypherites find the Merovingian again hacking into the company. The Cypherite leader, Cryptos, captures some of the Oligarch data in order to assist in his research (in order to prevent humans from being overridden by the Machines). The Machine organization tries to get the Merovingian out of Ouroboros, because they fear that it would bring more Oligarchs into the Matrix. During the time inside the Ourobos network, the Merovingian finds the Biological Interface Program.

Cypherites disguised themselves as exiles in order to infiltrate a party in Club Hel in order to get the Merovingian to talk about his ambition in investigating the corporation. However, his replies were insubstantial and were later chased out of the club by Ookami with her lupines.

Chapter 10.3.1Edit

The Merovingian kidnapped a network manager at Ouroboros and some Exiles interrogated him on how to access the company's secured data, which was also found out by the Cypherites. Niobe and a small group of operatives investigated the Chateau looking for clues to what the Merovingian was after in Ouroboros, while another group of operatives kept the Merovingian occupied by battling Club Hel's security force. Niobe and her group obtained some confiscated data before they were located and chased by a Twin and some powerful exile guards.

Cypherite operatives disguised themselves to infiltrate Ouroboros Corporation so they could obtain a sample of the Oligarch data said to be feeding into hidden computer systems there. Whilst in the corporation building, they encountered Merovingian Exiles. The Cypherites defeated the exiles and enough of the security forces that they managed to extract some of this foreign data.

Upon confrontation with the Merovingian, the Cypherite leader explained that he wanted the research in order to research into creating a counteragent against the Oligarch override codes.

Chapter 10.3.2Edit

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