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Pete aiming his pistol.

Peter Williford, known to his friends as Pete, is a bluepill and the main character of the webcomic An Asset to the System.


Pete and his family were the victims of a home invasion during his early childhood. When he was five, Pete's father was killed by robbers and his mother would have certainly been raped had the police not arrived in time to stop the crime; since then he dreamed of becoming a cop.

For two years, he worked as a security guard in the Grau Industries building; during which, he contemplated and tried to join the police force multiple times.

One evening at work, a redpill broke into Grau Industries using a large explosion. Pete and his colleague, Charlie, also saw the redpill perform some superhuman feats during the break in, an anomaly that somehow alerted an Agent. But before Pete could even fully react to the break in, he was shocked to witness Charlie transform into an Agent.

The Agent then immediately left to hunt down the redpill intruder. After overcoming the shock himself, Pete quickly followed both the redpill intruder and the Agent, successfully intervening with the threat of his own firearms, and warning both men to drop their weapons.

The two strangers, however, ignored him and started to shoot each other, trapping Pete in the middle of the ensuing crossfire. From the Real World, a Docbot can be seen disconnecting Pete's limp body from his pod and flushing it down into the liquefaction facilities.


The end of Pete's police academy entrance exam essay.

  • During the break in, the comic starts to narrate parts of Pete's police academy entrance exam essay with the story progression. The resulting narrative places heavy focus and critique on his desire to protect society (as read from his essay) and contrasts it against what was happening with the story.