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A rotary phone

Phones were the main modes of communication within the Matrix. And while both wired phones, like telephones and phone booths, and wireless phones all worked to establish communication lines within the Matrix, and even used to make calls between the Real World and the Matrix, there are a number of select telephones which were suitable to function as hardlines or points of entry and exit to the Real World.


A telephone booth

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Telephones were any of the wired phones seen in the Matrix, mostly rotary phones and telephone booths. Some telephones, notably those located at more concealed locations, functioned as hardlines.

Cellular phones[]

A cellular phone

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Cellular phones were any of the mobile and wireless phones used within the Matrix. Clearly the most convenient communication device that was available within the Matrix, most redpills carried one around and were often used by operatives to get in contact with their operators.


Morpheus using a hardline

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Hardlines referred to the telephones (i.e. wired phones) used as portals to exit the Matrix. Most phones, including all cellular phones, only functioned accordingly to their nature and only as communication programs. But some telephones, those that were much more secure and had a bigger allowance to foster transfer of significant information, were used as hardlines. As such, hardlines were mostly found in obscure and concealed locations.[1]

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  1. "Sinclair: Why were they only able to jack in through hard-lines, but still able to communicate over cell? WachowskiBros: Sinclair, good question! Mostly we felt that the amount of information that was being sent into the Matrix required a significant portal. Those portals, we felt, were better described with the hard lines rather than cell lines. We also felt that the rebels tried to be invisible when they hacked that’s why all the entrances and exits were sort of through decrepit and low traffic areas of the Matrix.",Wachowskis Interview Transcript,