The Playground-South Side View.

The Playground  was a public outdoor play place for children and adults beside a series of apartment buildings for Bluepills in the outskirts of Mega City within the Matrix.

Design and AppearanceEdit

Playground North

The Playground-North Side View.

The playground can be accessed and found by Programs, bluepills, Exiles, and Redpills. It can also be accessed by using the Matrix's Backdoors.

The appearance of the playground is a typical solid ground, square-shaped area. There is a main square area where regular bluepills can engage in physical activities like sports and running. There is also a swing set and a sandbox on the north side entrance of the playground, where most bluepills enter the area and a tetherball pole on the west side. Surrounding the square playground are apartment buildings where bluepills live and can enter the playground using the buildings side exits. There is also a fence surrounding the playground on the north and south side entrances.

On the south side of the playground, there is a small restroom hut. However, the door to this hut is mostly used by programs for reaching the Matrix's backdoors.


Playground Swing

Smith in front of the swing set and sandbox from the north side.

Near the end of the Machine War, The Oracle went to the playground to hide from other programs and The Merovingian as he, and others, were seeking to damage The Oracle using termination code because of her efforts to aid the Resistance to end the Machine War.

After Neo passed his test with Seraph, Seraph showed Neo to The Oracle where she was waiting for him at the playground where she told him about his destiny what has to be done to save Zion.

After their conversation, Smith appeared within the playground and told him about his current status within the Matrix and what he plans to do. After trying to assimilate Neo, an epic battle broke out which resulted in Neo escaping with new plans to save Zion and the human race.


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