A basic example of a program: a cake filled with codes to offer taste and pleasures.

This article is about the Programs of the Matrix. For the animated sequence, see Program (The Animatrix).

In computer science, a program is generally a precise sequence of instructions that enables a computer system to perform a specific function or set of functions. Programs in the Matrix come in many forms such as an artificial environment (sparring program), inanimate objects (for example keys or guns) or are even sentient Machine entities that appear as human.

Strictly speaking, all objects within the Matrix form a massively complex computer program. In the Matrix universe, the use of the term mostly refers to the sentient Machine entities, but can also refer to specific objects that contain important code that is needed to perform a task or to protect something.

Neo's mind likely contains a unique programming that gives him his abilities. All redpills can usually bend or break the programmed physics of the Matrix as if they cracked a computer program's code.

The Keymaker carries an assortment of door keys that represent complex encryption passwords that can enter doors located in secreted backdoors within the Matrix. Some programs have feelings and emotions like humans. They all possess unique abilities. Sati, can manipulate sunrises for example.

Programs could possibly enter the real world by putting their consciousness in a machine body. Smith is shown to do this in The Matrix Reloaded, although it is not clear if other programs have the same ability.

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