Rain is a bluepill hacker, born Elivia Thompson. She was taught hacking by her ex-boyfriend.

She was contacted by Peter Schoppe, who asked her to hack into his boss' system and steal an EPO he had created. When Rain phoned him they analyzed the EPO she downloaded. The EPO somehow through the Internet connected with the machines network in the Real World and the pods and the two people saw on the screen a "machine world" with bald men inside pods, including a "clone" of Peter himself. Then Rain saw from a camera that suited men approached them.

They jumped from her window and Peter took her with her car to his work, where he saw that it had been transformed to a shopping mall called Evergreen Mall and Rain realized that the old man was fooling her. Then he led her to his cabin where they spent the night. By analyzing the CDs Rain had burnt, Peter realized that Hardin had opened the doors to something very important

The next morning, Rain insisted to go meet her ex-boyfriend who would broadcast the EPOs. As he refueled his car, Rain told Peter her true name. Soon after agents once more showed up and shot Rain dead, perhaps because of the phonecall she just did. Peter ran to the restroom, and when he came down, every element of the fight was erased.


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