Raini was a promiscuous Element Exile, who was the former lover of Mercury, and was involved in the siphoning off the Merovingian's profits in Richland. Both her and her lover were hired by Anti M. She, along with her former lover were captured and interrogated by the Twins, who revealed the location of Anti M.


If there is an unstable personality in the Elements, it's Raini. She is emotional, passionate, full of everything that makes life exciting… and completely unable to turn it off for even a second. Raini is ready to go for anything at the drop of a hat, no matter the voice of reason. Were she not so clever (and lucky) she would probably be long dead.

She has had relationships with practically all of the other Elements, but all were like bright sparks that quickly passed. The only exception is her tumultuous relationship with Mercury. She is completely over him, but knows he still pines for her and is willing to use that any time it benefits her.

Raini is constantly riding the emotional rapids, powerfully attracted to you one moment, slapping your face the next, but always pushing the needle to the redline in everything she does.

She is also the leader of the gane, 5 Points.

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