The Recursion Server was one of the three post-Monolith merged servers in The Matrix Online, along with Vector and Syntax. It was merged the Method, Regression and Iterator pre-merge servers, with players from these relocated into Recursion. Along with Syntax, it is a non hostile server.

Officers in serverEdit



  • Mission Controller: Agent Gray


  • Leader: Meroviangian
  • Mission Controller: Flood

E Pluribus Neo Edit


  • Mission Controller: Cryptos (Veil temproarily filled in)

Unique to this server Edit

  • Different ending of recusing Neurophyte (now dropped)
  • During the Major event on the 9th of May through to 16th of May 2006, Veil, who defected to the Cypherites, and Shimada from EPN discuss the issues to their faction's players in this server and Syntax
  • Zion failed to recover the package given to them by then cooperating General
  • Efforts from the critical missions to help Ghost to lead a successful rescue operation for Niobe when she was trapped into a construct by the traitor, Anome
  • Shane Black, liaison officer of E Pluribus Neo, has been taken over by the lingering Smith program, as suggested by his vocabulary, though this was only a resurgence of memories from his previous Smith infection
  • TaeCross, liaison to E Pluribus Neo, was rumored to be working with Morpheus a full year after his last known sighting. Due to the frustrations of repeated setbacks and poor dealings, Taecross acted out attacks by use of code bombs onto the city. It is presumed that Taecross got the technology from Morpheus himself. Taecross unleashed final set of 8 code bombs simultaneously at the First Union Church in Camon Central. His final whereabouts after that is unknown

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