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Neo, nobody's ever done anything like this."
That's why it's going to work.

― Trinity and Neo[src]

Rescue of Morpheus was a rescue mission made by Neo and Trinity to rescue Morpheus from Agent Smith, Jones, and Brown in the Matrix during the Machine War.


The Hotel Ambush[]

It's a trap! There's no way out!

― Cypher[src]

After Neo visited the Oracle at her apartment home, he and the rest of the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar returned back to their hotel to reach an exit to leave the Matrix. However, due to Cypher alerting Agent Smith, he along with Agent Brown and Agent Jones arrived to the hotel with the S.W.A.T. Team to kill the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar.

Mouse was killed during the very beginning of the ambush and he was the first to be killed by the tactical force team upon their arrival.

The crew were surprised by the ambush and had a disadvantage against many soldiers and the agents as they traveled around the hotel looking for a safe place to hide from the agents and hopefully escape from the hotel and reach and exit.

Morpheus is captured during the Hotel Ambush.

Morpheus battled with Agent Smith to allow the others to escape the hotel before the deaths of the three crew members. During the battle with Smith, Morpheus took many strikes to his face and chest and he eventually lost the battle and was taken away by the tactical force team with Agent Smith as commander.

After battling their way to the streets of Mega City, Trinity and the others contacted Tank for the location of an exit but he told them that he thought Cypher was with them as he previously asked for one moments ago. Tank gave the location of the same exit to the rest of the crew as Cypher awoke in the Real World with plans of his own.

Cypher's Betrayal[]

Goddamn you Cypher."
Don't hate me Trinity. I'm just a messenger.

― Trinity and Cypher[src]

Cypher shoots Tank with the lightning rifle.

Cypher left the Matrix and once within the Nebuchadnezzar, he grabbed a lightning rifle and fired two blasts at Tank, causing him to be knocked off his feet and fall to the ground. Dozer noticed Cypher's actions and immediately charged towards him in an attempt to stop him, but Cypher quickly aimed the weapon at Dozer and fired, killing him.

While in the Matrix, Trinity and Neo attempted to use the telephone to exit from the Matrix. After realizing that the phone went dead, Trinity took out her cell phone and contacted the operator's number to look for Tank.

Trinity and Tank saddened by the deaths of their crew.

Cypher took Tank's operator headset and answered Trinity's call. Cypher told Trinity about his plans and opinions about Morpheus and the real world. Cypher unplugged Apoc and Switch, killing them, and approached Neo's Jacking in seat to unplug him as well. However, before doing so, Tank revealed to Cypher that he was not killed from the blast and used the lightning rifle to fire and kill Cypher. also replying vengefully towards the latter's disbelief at his survival that, whether or not it was possible for him to survive his being shot by Cypher, the latter is still very much dead.

Trinity and Neo escaped from the Matrix and felt remorse alongside Tank over the deaths of many of their crew members and the capture of their captain. Now on their own, the three remaining crew members debated on how to handle the situation.

Smith's Desire[]

I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it.

― Agent Smith[src]

Agent Brown about to inject Morpheus while Agent Smith lectures.

After capturing Morpheus, Smith, Jones, and Brown took him to the near-top floor of a heavily guarded, twenty-story building where they connected a machine to his temple to weaken his immune system and brain waves to torture him to release the access codes to the Zion mainframe.

Smith and the other agents interrogated him, but Morpheus, suffering from the device wrapped around his forehead, refused to give off any information. Smith told agents Brown and Jones to leave the room while he talks to Morpheus alone.

Smith tells Morpheus his reason for trying to destroy Zion.

Smith took off his earpiece and started to talk about the early versions of the Matrix to Morpheus and expressed the concept of the first Matrix. He then told Morpheus that he wants that feeling within him, and of how he hates the confinement within the Matrix. Smith then grabbed Morpheus' head and told him that he wishes to leave the Matrix and the reason behind his motives to gain access to the Zion mainframe.

Morpheus, eyes fully white in color and suffocating, heard Smith's pleas but remained seated and refused to tell Smith anything. 

The Plan[]

I believe I can bring him back.

― Neo[src]

Neo and Trinity prepares for the rescue mission.

During Morpheus' interrogation by the agents, Neo, Trinity, and Tank notice Morpheus' heart fluctuations and his physical appearance. Tank told Neo that the agents are killing Morpheus and forcing information about Zion to exit from Morpheus' brain. Tank makes the final decision and decides that Morpheus must be unplugged to prevent information from being handed to the Machines.

Before Tank pulled the plug, Neo stopped him and told Tank and Trinity about what the Oracle told him and that she knew this moment would happen. Neo then told Trinity that he is going back into the Matrix to rescue Morpheus because Neo believed he is not as important as Morpheus and that he was not the One.

Neo and Trinity within the Construct with gun racks being loaded into the system.

Neo approaches his jacking in seat and turns on the monitor to prepare himself for jacking in. Trinity walked alongside him and told him that she was coming as well to help Neo and Morpheus.

After jacking into the construct, Neo used his cell phone to contact Tank for weapons and supplies to appear. After taking an Heckler & Koch MP5K from the firearms rack, Neo loaded it to signal to Trinity that the rescue mission is a go.

The Mission[]

Lobby Shootout[]

Neo shows the guard his "metallic items".

Neo entered the guarded building holding Morpheus first. Neo entered the building's main floor security check-in holding a zipped-up duffel bag. He walked past the two standing guards and placed his bag on the conveyor belt for it to be scanned for any metal materials. Neo walked past the metal detector and as he did, the machine went off.

One of the security guards walked to Neo and ordered him to remove any metallic items he was carrying. Before the guard could finish his demand, Neo opened his coat and revealed that he had many different pistols and sub-machine guns attached to his body and belt by holsters and slings. The guard looked up at him cursing out of shock and before he could make a move, Neo attacked him with a palm strike.

Neo attacks the first guard with a palm strike.

The attack's impact caused the guard to fly backwards away from Neo. Immediately after the guard flew back, Neo took out two MP5k sub-machine guns from and aimed them crisscross at the three guards, two on his left side and one on his right side. After the were shot and killed, one guard hid behind the nearby pillar for cover and to call in backup.

After his call for backup, Trinity entered the building. Wielding an Micro uzi sub-machine gun, she fired at the security guard until her weapon was out of ammunition. Trinity then picked up the duffel bag and she and Neo walked down the lobby towards the elevator.

After taking a few steps down the lobby hallway, a unit of soldiers armed with M16 assault rifles and SPAS-12 shotguns entered the lobby from the side doors near the elevator and pointed their guns at Neo and Trinity and ordered them to stop. Neo and Trinity looked at one another and then ran to opposite sides of the lobby to begin a shootout.

Neo takes cover from the incoming fire.

Neo ran to the left side of the lobby from the entrance and Trinity ran to the right. While Neo was running to the left side, he was wielding duel M9 pistols and was firing at the special forces team.

Neo eventually ran to the wall and retreated to the nearby pillar to take cover from the rain of fire from the tactical force team. While taking cover, Neo, after running out of ammunition for his M9 pistols, took out two Skorpion vz 61 submachine guns from his holsters and waited for the team to cease fire.

Trinity runs on the wall to avoid the rain of fire.

While on the opposite side, Trinity was progressing to make it towards the elevator. While dodging the incoming fire, Trinity ran past pillars to advance. Two soldiers were in front of Trinity and began to fire their assault rifles at her. Trinity then started to run on the wall to dodge their bullets and flip-jumped off the wall and hid behind a pillar to wait for the men to reload their weapons.

One of the shooters stood next to Trinity's pillar and began to reload his weapon. Trinity then moved from the pillar and kicked the rifle away from Trinity's sight and immediately performed one front snap kick to the soldier's chest and a roundhouse kick to his neck, causing him to fall to the ground. The other soldier finished reloading his weapon and resumed fire at Trinity before she ran back to the pillar for cover.

After performing a front snap kick on the shotgun, the weapon flips for Trinity to take.

Back on Neo's side, Neo was still taking cover from the bullets that were hitting the pillar that Neo was hiding behind. After the bullets had stopped for a moment, Neo moved away from the pillar and charged towards the soldiers while firing his sub-machine guns. Neo killed two of the three soldiers that were in his way and Neo was still charging down the pathway.

On Trinity's side, three soldiers noticed Neo's advancement and began to focus their fire on him. Realizing Neo has many shooters firing at him, Trinity moved away from her pillar and ran towards the nearest soldier firing at Neo with a SPAS 12 pump-action shotgun. Trinity ran beside him and performed a front snap kick on the weapon, causing it to flip behind the shooter for Trinity to take.

As soon as Trinity got a hold of the weapon, she shot and killed the wielder of the shotgun and fired at another soldier shooting at Neo before taking cover once again at the nearby pillar to avoid the third shooter's fire.

Neo charging up to the guards while firing his sub-machine guns.

While Neo was charging up the pathway, he managed to kill the last of the three shooters in his way. Two soldiers from Trinity's side and three soldiers in front of the elevator were all firing at Neo. Neo, after running out of ammunition for his sub-machine guns, charged towards the end of the left side pathway and performed a cartwheel to dodge the incoming fire and pick up one of the dead soldier's  M16 assault rifle from the floor.

With the assault rifle, Neo performed another cartwheel and while upside down, he fired at the three soldiers using the assault rifle. After regaining his footing from the cartwheel, Neo hid behind a nearby pillar and pulled out two micro-uzis from his holsters and left the pillar to march towards the two shooters from Trinity's side.

Neo kicks the final guard.

Neo managed to kill one of the shooters with his weapons before running out of ammunition. After realizing this, Neo, with a quick reaction, jumped towards the final shooter and performed a jumping roundhouse kick to the soldier's face, causing him to fall to the ground.

Neo and Trinity regrouped after all the soldiers were down. Trinity retrieved the duffel bag and she and Neo entered the elevator going up to the roof after viewing the now destroyed lobby. At this time, Agents Jones and Brown were aware that something was wrong and came to the conclusion that members of the resistance were coming. They then arrived back into the room where Smith was interrogating Morpheus and noticed he was missing his earpiece, causing them to realize he doesn't even realize what had happened aloud, causing Smith to put his earpiece on just in time to learn of the attack's aftermath.

Elevator Detonator[]

Neo and Trinity, while holding on the rope, ascend to the roof.

There is no spoon.

― Neo[src]

Once inside the elevator, Trinity unzipped the bag and it was revealed that a bomb was within it. Trinity took out the bomb and placed in within the elevator while Neo opened the ceiling hatch to get their zip line ready for escape. After Trinity set the bomb in place, Trinity held onto Neo to prepare herself for the outcome. Neo, recalling earlier advice from the Oracle's apartment, shot the rope, causing the elevator to fall downward and lead Neo and Trinity to ascend to the rooftop. The bomb's explosion was powerful enough to completely engulf the main lobby, cause a blackout in the suite that the Agents and Morpheus were holed up in, and activate the emergency sprinklers. As they were being pelted by sprinkler water, Smith bluntly ordered Jones to "locate and destroy [the intruders]."

Rooftop Rumble[]

Trinity, help!

― Neo[src]

Neo and Trinity fight more guards on the rooftop.

After arriving on the roof, one of the soldiers within the cockpit of a B-212 helicopter contacted the agents via radio and informed them that they are under attack.

During the fight on the roof of the building, Neo, while holding an M16 assault rifle to prevent it from the barrel being in front of Neo, was fighting two soldiers side-by-side. Neo attacked the soldier to his right with a knee strike with his left leg and with the same leg, Neo performed a side kick to the soldier on his left. Neo repeated this technique twice before the soldier on his left fell to the ground.

Behind Neo, Trinity was fighting one of the guards and eventually caused him to hit the floor. Another soldier appeared near Trinity and aimed his assault rifle at her. Neo defeated the other soldier beside him by grabbing his M16 assault rifle at striking him with it from the chin. Neo then turned around to shoot at the soldier behind Trinity, killing him. At the same time, the soldier near Neo was about to fire at him, but Trinity drew out her knife and threw it at the soldier, stabbing him in the head.

During the fight, the one soldier in the helicopter cockpit, was soon possessed by Agent Jones and exited the helicopter. Standing across the roof, Jones started to walk towards Neo and Trinity. Noticing this, Neo quickly turned around and pulled out two M9 pistols and started to shoot at Jones.

Neo dodges Agent Jones' incoming fire.

Jones dodge all of Neo's bullets and he drew out his weapon and aimed it at Neo. Neo called out to Trinity for help but the agent began to fire his weapon. Neo, using the powers of the One, managed to dodge Jones' incoming fire by bending down on his back while standing.

However, Jones managed to graze Neo twice, once near his shoulder and another on his shin. Neo fell on his back and Jones approached him and pointed his weapon at Neo, declaring Neo was "only human" with contempt. Before he could kill him, Trinity approached Jones from his left side and shot Jones in the face while daring him to dodge, killing him temporarily. Trinity also admitted she was impressed with Neo's dodging Jones' attack, as until then no one was able to dodge bullets like an agent.

After noticing the helicopter on the roof, Trinity called Tank and asked him to imprint a program on piloting at B-212 helicopter. After doing so, Trinity told Neo that it was time to go and resume the mission.

Helicopter Shootout[]

While in the interrogation room, Smith and the other agents realized that the Resistance entered the Matrix to rescue Morpheus. But before any of them could act, the helicopter appeared outside the interrogation room window with Trinity as the pilot and Neo aiming the mounted minigun at the agents. Smith seeing this ended up coldly saying "no" in shock at this turn of events.

Neo using the B-212 helicopter's mounted chain gun to fire at Agent Smith, Jones, and Brown.

Before any of the agents could run, Neo opened fire at them, instantly killing Brown. Jones returned fire with his Desert Eagle, but was eventually killed by Neo's minigun. Smith tried taking cover from the ground as he returned fire as well, with a particularly furious expression on his face compared to Jones, but Neo managed to temporarily kill him as well.

After all the agents were destroyed, Morpheus realized what was happening and regained consciousness. He then awoke and broke free from the chains that bind him and began to ran towards the helicopter outside the window. Meanwhile, outside the room the agents possessed the guards outside. Smith, after reappearing in the hall outside the interrogation room, began to shoot at the wall to have the bullets try to hit Morpheus.

Before Morpheus jumped out the window, one of Smith's bullets hit Morpheus just bellow the knee and caused Morpheus to perform an incomplete jump.

Neo jumps off the helicopter to catch Morpheus.

Neo sees this and and quickly attaches himself to the rope that is chained to the interior of the helicopter and jumped off the mechanism to catch Morpheus. After catching Morpheus in midair, both of the men were hanging from the rope outside the helicopter. Trinity then started to pilot the helicopter towards a nearby rooftop of a building to let both of the men off safely.

After Morpheus let go from Neo, he landed on a building's rooftop and Neo landed on the roof as well while holding the rope. While in the main building, Smith began to fire at the helicopter, causing it to lose speed and altitude. After Neo landed, he saw Trinity was falling down due to the helicopter losing power.

Trinity swings off the helicopter with the help of Neo.

Within the helicopter, Trinity noticed that it was going to collide with the building. Trinity then held onto the chained rope with one hand and shot off the chain with her pistol in the other. As the chain detached from the helicopter, Trinity held onto the rope and swung out of the helicopter before it collided and exploded into the next building's window.

Neo then reeled Trinity up to the rooftop of the building and looked at each other and Morpheus as they became relieved that their captain was safe and the rescue mission was a success.


Trinity and Neo show signs of relief after they rescued their captain.

Do you believe it now Trinity?"
Morpheus... The Oracle, she told me..."
She told you what you needed to hear. That's all. Sooner or later you are going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

― Morpheus and Neo[src]

While on the rooftop, Morpheus approached Trinity and asked her if she now truly believes that Neo is The One. Neo, after everything that happened, still doubted his potential and wanted to tell Morpheus about The Oracle's message. Before Neo could tell Morpheus, Morpheus told Neo that The Oracle's message was for Neo and for Neo only and that soon or later Neo will learn the truth just as Morpheus did.

Morpheus then used Trinity's phone to contact the Nebuchadnezzar and ask Tank for an exit. At the same time, Smith, Jones, and Brown were on the rooftop of the building Neo and the others were at moments ago and realized that they were gone. Brown informed the others that they know the location of the Nebuchadnezzar and that sentinels are on their way to destroy it. Smith looked out into the city and told the other agents that they may have escaped, but they are still within the Matrix.

Neo and Smith, from across the subway platform, face each other before their duel.

Within a subway train station, a telephone booth rang signifying it as the exit activated by Tank. Morpheus exited first and a subway bum Bluepill witnessed him leave, causing Smith to discover the location of the others. Before Trinity exited from the Matrix, she was about to tell Neo about her message from The Oracle and how she feels about Neo; however, she decides to tell him when they leave.

As Trinity entered the phone booth, Smith possessed the onlooking bluepill and started to walk towards Trinity while holding his pistol. Trinity saw Smith just as he fired his weapon; she exited from the Matrix in time, but the phone booth's receiver was destroyed, preventing Neo from leaving and forcing him to face Smith on his own.