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Robbie telling Thadeus that they can't broadcast now

The readings don't make any sense.

― Robbie on the readings of the Sentinel army[src]

Robbie was the Operator onboard the Osiris.


Robbie was the one who started picking up signals of the Machine's Sentinel army. The ship's alarm was set off to alert captain Thadeus, who was fighting in a simulation with his first-mate-turned-lover Jue.

After being briefed on the situation by the crew and checking the readings first hand, Sentinels started closing in on the Osiris and Thadeus ordered the pilot to get them out of there and the rest of the crew except for Jue and Robbie to get to the gun turrets. They took an uncharted junction up to the surface and, after seeing the Diggers and army visually, realised that they were directly above Zion. More Sentinels from the army itself flew from the army towards the Osiris and Thadeus told the pilot to go. As they flew away Thadeus decided they must warn Zion; Robbie insisted it was madness to broadcast, but Jue offered to go and entered the Matrix to drop an emergency broadcast message.

Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, the Osiris couldn't hold the Sentinels at bay, and they began to breach the hull, killing the gunners one by one and forcing the hovercraft to crash to the ground. They made their way through the ship to the helm, where Jue remained plugged in and Thadeus held them off with a lightning rifle; after Jue dropped the message she tried to call Thadeus, but the Osiris exploded, killing the rest of the crew including Robbie.


  • "The readings don't make any sense." (about the Sentinel army readings)
  • "They don't look happy to see us." (on Sentinels moving to attack the Osiris)
  • "What? Are you crazy? We can't broadcast now." (to Thadeus after he said Zion had to be warned)