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Saga Talmer
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The Oracle

"You've got to catch me first."
―Saga replying to the Agents. [src]

Saga Talmer was a potential studying under the guidance of the Oracle. During her time with the Oracle, she successfully evaded the capture of three Agents and found an exit.


Saga was considered by many to be a bit of a troublemaker and would often not respect her unique abilities to bend the rules of the Matrix. She preferred the Real World to the illusion that the Matrix provided and was frustrated by her many hours of study and meditation under the supervision of the Oracle.

One night, she contacted an operator and explained her frustrations. The operator did not know how she got the number and said that she should not have called. But before they could end their conversation, a trace lock had been implemented and the operator told Saga to run. Just after the operator hung up the phone, three Agents appeared at the door of the telephone booth that Saga was in. They instructed her to come with them but Saga ducked out of the phone booth and ran across the city, the Agents close behind her.

During their pursuit, an Agent took control of a truck and tried to run Saga over with it. She narrowly avoided the collision by arching her back so that the truck would pass over her. However, her bracelet was caught on the truck so that she was dragged along with it. The truck turned into an alleyway and, before it flipped over, Saga was able to get free and roll away from the resulting explosion. The Agents managed to corner her in the alleyway and nearly caught her before she went inside the hole that the truck opened up on the side of the building, The building, which was an abandoned shop, contained a telephone that Saga used to escape the Agents.


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