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Sakura is a type of Construct that is inhabited by the exile known as Tengu. Sakura is a feudal japanese temple and home a group of female warriors. As its name suggests, cherry blossom trees cover the grounds of the temple making it one of the most beautiful sights to behold. it is similar to the Yuki construict


Theses Constructs, including Sakura, were remnants of various points in time within the matrix that was saved and salvaged by the Archivist's Society and hidden. Only those with a special Archive Key (in the form of books) are able to enter these constructs. These keys can be found and purchased in specific bookstores within Richland. When given these keys, as well as maybe completing some requirements, the archivist proxy would then teleport the player into the construct of their choice.

Each construct was home to various exiled programs as well as a head exile. Typically these exiles possessed unique items not available in the Matrix. The nature of these items benefitted the operative who acquired them greatly. Operatives faced not only the inhabitants but also other operatives also vying for the same rare items.


  • Warrior Initiate
  • Warrior Priestess
  • Tengu



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This article or section is based on information from the game - The Matrix Online - and the information may contradict situations and events from The Matrix Resurrections.