Sarah Edmontons was a female bluepill who had mysteriously awakened from a coma. Early in the saga of The Matrix Online, she was mentioned in the Sentinel Newspaper as a woman who had escaped from a hospital despite her physical state. She was a friend to bluepill Rachel Dunkirk.

Stemming from the information provided in the newspaper, Morpheus's strong belief that Neo was still alive, knowledge that Neo's body had not been recycled, and the fact that "Sarah Edmontons" is an anagram for "Thomas Anderson", it was widely believed that she was somehow Neo, the One.

Due to the firing of Monolith's Live Events Team, the Sarah Edmontons subplot was mostly abandoned by Paul Chadwick and Ben Chamberlain. Chamberlain reported that this was due to the lack of notes left by the team and his discomfort dealing with a character plot he knew little about. One exception to this is a live event where E Pluribus Neo encountered Rachel Dunkirk, a friend of Edmontons', and asked her questions about the woman. However, the event's primary focus was Dunkirk, herself, and no definitive answers as to Edmontons' identity or powers were given.[1]



  1. "Sarah Edmontons" is an anagram for "Thomas Anderson", Neo's bluepill name
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