"If I was to pick one word for Sawayaka, I would use 'driven.'"

Sawayaka was a promising female redpill who was promoted to be captain of the newly built Novalis II after the Truce. Her specialty is that of a duelist.


As a bluepill, she was called Jayna Kiyomizu.

The reason for her promotion was in Tyndal's words ...Zion most needed a person able to handle the pressures of being the first hovercraft captain after the Truce" and " be able to talk when talk was needed, but fight hard when the going got tough." both the exiles and the Machines placed emphasis on her appointment in the role. Uniquely, both the Exiles and Machinists took huge emphasis on her appointment.

  • Source from MxO Archive

Eloquent, Dedicated, Diplomatic. Sawayaka's handle means "refreshing eloquence." Diplomacy is her strong suit, which makes her a favorite for missions that require negotiation or delivering orders discreetly. Her style of speech is educated but modern. She is also a capable leader with a good deal of combat experience during the war, and very dedicated to the protection of Zion and of her crew.

Sawayaka is a friend of Niobe, and the two share an intensity that has brought forth results when the chips are down.

Jayna was actually Awakened at the age of fourteen, along with her younger brother Robert, after having experienced a very strange situation within a glitched area of the Matrix. Being young, they were given work to do in Zion while they adjusted to their new home. Once Jayna was deemed old enough, she began work as an operative on the Icarus under her handle, "Sawayaka". Only a year later, Robert followed her lead and assumed the handle "Gaki" as an operative on the Novalis.

There was an ongoing, friendly rivalry between the siblings, both racing to attain some measure of fame and higher rank within the Zion Military. This race abruptly came to an end with the destruction of both the Icarus and the Novalis. Sawayaka was in Zion at the time, after having sustained serious injuries during a Sentinel attack. The loss of both her crew and her brother was devastating.

Sawayaka threw herself into her work, and as the Truce changed the playing field, made a name for herself as a diplomat. She came up for promotion to Captain about the time the wreck of the Novalis was recovered, and she put in a request for that particular hovercraft. Once the craft was refitted, she christened it the Novalis II in memory of the original crew.


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