This article is about the character in The Matrix. For security guards in general, see Security guard.
Neo and security guard

Security Guard talking to Neo

"Holy Shit!"
―The Guard upon seeing Neo's stash of guns [src]

The Security Guard was one of a team guarding the entrance of the government lobby.


After Morpheus was captured by Agents, Neo and Trinity went on a daring rescue mission to rescue him. When Neo and Trinity entered the lobby, Neo went through the metal detector, and set the alarm off. As the Security Guard asked Neo to remove any metallic items and prepared to scan him manually to find what triggered the alarm, Neo opened his coat revealing the stash of guns he was carrying. The guard exclaimed at the sight of the guns just before Neo struck him in the chest, sending him flying to the ground and incapacitating him before shooting his colleagues.

Path of NeoEdit

The Security Guard isn't present in The Matrix: Path of Neo. The lobby shootout lacks the metal detector and initial security, with Neo immediately fighting S.W.A.T. despite security guard units being present in the game.


  • "Would you please remove any metallic items you are carrying; keys, loose change..."
  • "Holy shit!"

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