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Sheperd is the head of security in the new human city IO, and General Niobe's right-hand man.[1]


At an unknown age (presumably his teens), Sheperd was freed from the Matrix (presumably by Niobe), and was brought to IO where he grew to Head of Security and Niobe's right-hand man overtime.

The Matrix Resurrections[]

Sheperd escorted the crew of Mnemosyne and Neo to Niobe, who ordered them to clean up the ship for disobeying her orders, and Sheperd escorts them out to do so, leaving Neo with Niobe to get reacquainted. Sheperd was later ordered to put Neo in confinement, where beforehand, personally introduced himself, and admitted he was amazed at Neo's ability to fly before putting him in his cell.

After Bugs broke Neo out and took the Mnemosyne, Sheperd went along with a crew aboard another ship to return them to IO following their failed attempt to speak to Trinity, warning them of a Sentinel swarm spotted nearby, and escorts the crew home. After Sati's meeting with Neo and Niobe about The Analyst planning to kill Trinity and reboot the Matrix, Sheperd was among the volunteers and gave Niobe a fist bump. Accompanying the crew of the Mnemosyne, Sheperd participated in the fight in the coffee shop before Smith saves them from The Analyst until he left. As they leave and find themselves surrounded by Bots, Sheperd asks Neo if he can fly, only to be disappointed when he fails before they all make their escape, only to be ambushed by the Bots, but Bugs and Morpheus manage to save them in time. Upon jacking out, Sheperd was among the crew members to see Neo and the newly freed Trinity hold hands.


He is a sardonic and somewhat world-weary man, but loyal. He laments to Neo that after the humans retreated to their new city IO, while it has managed to flourish to a greater extent than Zion ever did, everyone gave up on trying to defeat the Matrix and instead focused on the immediate needs of the city. He wistfully recalls that in the old days at Zion things were simpler, everyone fighting for freedom, but now everyone has settled for less and in some ways it feels like the Matrix has won.

He isn't an inspired believer in the legends of Neo like Bugs' crew, but he is intrigued when he actually meets him. Shepherd ultimately joins in the final rescue mission to help Neo free Trinity from the Matrix, striking a major blow against the hostile Machine faction still controlling it led by the Analyst.