Silver was an Element Exile Leader in Richland, who is a known trouble maker. He is the rival of the inventor, Mercury. At least one time, he was assisted by the Technician called Ralph Lawrence.

When the Merovingian heard about a drop in profits within Richland, operatives are sent there to investigate Silver, which led them to Silver's rival and inventor, Mercury.


With his eponymous hair, Silver is among the most focused of the Elements, valuing order and information above all else. Silver is not an imposing physical specimen, but he's a self-possessed Exile with a distinct air of superiority over the dullards he's surrounded by.

Silver is often called on by the other Elements when they need something very complex to be figured out fast. His prices are steep indeed, especially for Argon, whose air of superiority he finds unbearable. Silver is engaged in several lines of Matrix-research that promise new technologies or insights into the code of the Matrix, but he also puts quite a bit of effort into spying on Mercury. Silver cannot understand how such a simpleton could create the devices Mercury does.

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