Soren is the captain of the hovercraft Vigilant.

One of his crew, Axel, is captured by Agents, and Soren and his crew go to the airport to rescue him. They get pinned down by police officers and Agents, but Soren is able to rescue Axel and escape with the aid of Niobe and Ghost of the hovercraft Logos, who are there to convene the Crisis Meeting of all the captains of Zion hovercraft. He is later at the meeting, and thanks Niobe for her help. Afterwards, he and his crew are able to escape when the meeting is attacked, and they return to Zion as ordered.

Later, Soren is present with the other captains and the leaders of Zion at a meeting to plan the defense of the city against the Machines attack. When the Council asks for two ships to go to investigate the fate of Morpheus and his ship, the Nebuchadnezzar, Soren is the first to volunteer. It is likely that Soren was either a close friend of Morpheus or a believer in his vision, as they are seen speaking earlier in the film.

Soren briefed by the Keymaker.

Along with the Niobe and the Logos, Soren's crew are able to make contact with the Nebuchadnezzar. Soren and Niobe both agree to help when Morpheus explains his plan to help the One to reach the Source, which Morpheus will believe will fulfill the prophecy to end the war with the Machines. To do this, power to the target building needed to be cut off; this involved three different steps, and each captain took one. Soren's task was to eliminate a backup power substation somewhere in the City. Along with Vector and Binary, Soren enters the Matrix and storms the station, where they make preparations to cut off the power.

Before Soren's crew can finish the job, Sentinels locate the Vigilant and attack it with a self-guided bomb. Aboard the Vigilant, Axel and Jax are killed in an accident before they can avoid the attack or warn the rest of the crew. The bomb hits the ship and destroys it, killing all aboard.

After Soren's death, Trinity is forced to enter the Matrix to complete his mission.

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