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Neo and Morpheus prepare to spar in the Sparring Program.

The Sparring program is a training construct that is used for practicing hand-to-hand combat in the Matrix.


The Sparring Program is set in a traditional East Asian dojo, but the physics of the program itself mimic the 'real' Matrix, in that the program's users can opt to 'ignore' certain physical constraints.


  • In The Matrix, when Neo is being tested by Morpheus, and taught not to rely on his preconceptions about what is possible in an unreal world. Neo impresses his crewmates and finally beats Morpheus.
  • In Final Flight of the Osiris from the Animatrix, Jue and Thadeus are fighting in a different version of the sparring program as they both are wielding swords as they duel. Their duel was all just for training and for a little bit fun; until the Osiris' alarms went off warning the crew about incoming Sentinels.


  • When the wooden pillars break, the balcony doesn't fall down.
  • What does it read in the sign at the wall?




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