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Stamos, formerly known as Stano, was one of the neighborhoods in the Westview district of Mega City. It is surrounded by the northerly Bathary Row, Manssen Park and Lucero Point (clockwise order).

The most important attraction to the area is Club Succubus, one of the most popular clubs in Westview. It was rumored tat the club's owner (and a Succubus Exile herself), Aine, used to be involved with Legion and its leader, Jezebeth.

Another attraction to this neighborhood is the Hypersphere sculpture, which was said to cause a perplexing feeling in most of the people who view it. Local legend claims that after staring at the "ball inside the wire cube" for some time, it could be seen that the ball cannot possibly fit inside the cube that contains it.

Chapter 9.2.5Edit

Kid encountered operatives in Stamos in Chapter 9.2.5, where he was wondering about the recent activity in the area. While talking, an override routine hit the area, and the group was unexpectedly attacked by N30 Ag3nts.

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