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"When it comes to reality, you take what you can get."

Sweating the Small Stuff was a webcomic about a bluepill who starts to see through the virtual reality of the Matrix, his girlfriend's run in with a criminal cartel and their subsequent escape from Agents.

It was made by Bill Sienkiewicz (and Spencer Lamm) for The Matrix Comics Series 1 (released on WhatIsTheMatrix.com on April 1, 1999) and was later published in The Matrix Comics Volume 1.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story starts with Dez, a bluepill who thinks he is losing touch with reality. He convinces his girlfriend Mia to stop drug running for cartel boss Marlowe, which she does on bad terms with them, and takes up gun running instead.

Gunmen shooting at Dez

As he starts to tell her his fears, that he can see through to the code that underlies everything in the Matrix, the door explodes and gunmen that Dez assumes to be the "guys in black suits" he thinks watch him as a threat and see his every move have found him. He runs, only to hear one of them shout "Marlowe says hello", which makes him realise they are just cartel gunmen after Mia.

She emerges from the smoke with a machine gun and time slows for Dez; he sees everything in beautiful simplicity, again with code, but this time also seeing "the answer". He snaps out of it to see the look of fear in the gunmen's eyes as Mia opens fire, killing all of them.

Suddenly Dez hears helicopters approaching, and in his mind he sees a multitude of Agents, each far deadlier than the gunmen just killed. Mia grabs his arm and together they run, not knowing where they are going or what is going on, but trying to escape the immediate danger and find answers.

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Editing[edit | edit source]

Sweating the Small Suff was edited when it was included in The Matrix Comics Volume 1; the following changes being made:

  • Page 1: "Based on concepts by Larry & Andy Wachowski" was removed from the bottom of the page, leaving a blank space below "And she said:"
  • Page 4: Third period added to the ellipsis at the end of the second sentence: "Everything I see... everything..."
  • Page 4: "psychice" corrected to "psychic"
  • Page 5: The line "The irony of the thought makes me gag." was indented
  • Page 6: "Between bursts of machinegun fire," changed to "Between bursts of machine gun fire,"

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