The Server known as Syntax was one of the three servers in The Matrix Online, including Vector and Recursion. Along with Recursion, it is a non hostile server.

In the Post-monolith stage, the players from the Linenoise, Proxy and Output servers have been relocated into Syntax.

Officers in serverEdit




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Unique to this server Edit

  • Formerly one an alternative ending of rescuing Neurophyte, now abandoned
  • During the Major event on the 9th of May through to 16th of May 2006, Veil, who defected to the Cypherites, and Shimada discuss the issues to their faction's players in this server and Recursion
  • former liaison officer DifferenceEngine had to be arrested following his apparent infection (notable from his vocabulary)- presumably the Smith virus.
  • (Zion was unable to grab the General' package from the messenger)
  • Brenda Utley, the owner of Pendhurst-Amaranth, which makes Tastee Wheat for the bluepills, has successfully been rescued by EPN, and revealing that there was a mole within her company's board of directives
  • EPN operatives have managed to successfully disrupted two of the traitorous general's helipads with code pulse devices in order to reduce the number of operable helicopters.
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