"I Believe in him. Do you?"
―Taecross [src]

TaeCross was an E Pluribus Neo liaison officer in The Matrix Online Recursion instance.


TaeCross was rumored to be working with Morpheus a full year after his last known sighting. After poor dealings with the Machines and repeated setbacks, TaeCross acted out in a Morpheus-like attack of code bombs on the city. It is strongly rumored that since the code bomb technology hasn't been seen since Morpheus' disappearance, TaeCross got this technology directly from Morpheus himself. TaeCross unleashed a final set of 8 code bombs simultaneously at the steps of the First Union Church in Camon Central. His final whereabouts were left unknown.

Name originsEdit

It should be noted that TaeCross is an anagram of Socrates, a Greek philosopher.

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