Kid as the One Edit

Kid was possibly the real "one"

I am surprised no one else caught onto this, but Kid was probably the real “one”.


  1. The producers of the Matrix placed a lot of focus on the Animatrix that it was “cannon” and was vital to the over-all story line.
  2. Kid found Morpheus. This fulfills the oracle’s prediction that Morpheus would find “the one”.
  3. Kid took the blue pill and still left the matrix.
  4. He died in the Matrix and survived in the “real world”.
  5. The oracle in the first film said that Neo had potential, but was not the real one. Kid’s dying in the Matrix and coming back was something that only “The One” could do.
  6. Why did the producers emphasize that his character was important to the over-all storyline and include him in the MMO?
  7. Seeing the film makers were “borrowing” from Japanise culture for story elements, it makes sense that a meek, untrained person would do things that only the one will be able to do.
    • '​'In the first film, they expected Neo to be naturally be able to do things they trained for like building lumping…. He failed. And that was nothing near dying in the Matix and then entering the “world of the real” alive.
  8. '​' They hired a young actor who was supported with industry buzz who could of supported another 3 films being made if they wanted to continue the Matrix series.

It is obvious that the Matrix storyline ended earlier than they wanted. But the last two film were not as good as the first film was and prevented them from continuing the series as they wanted to. There was talks before the sequels were finished to extend the series to 5 or 6 films, but as how it turned out, it never happened. But they left plot points in the previous films for possible continuation so it would not feel “tacked-on”. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:46, 18 February 2012

Spills his load... Edit

"Kid volunteered to be an APU ammunition loader during the Battle for Zion. While pushing a cart during preparations, he spills his load in front of Captain Mifune. Mifune is harsh with Kid, citing his age as a factor. "

That has to be intentional, really. 00:18, August 10, 2012 (UTC)OnlyHereForThisPost

lol, thanks for pointing this out, I've edited it out... it seems to have been introduced in this edit (Quiscustodiet's other edits all seem genuine) & surprised it's survived until now. --xensyriaT 13:55, October 25, 2016 (UTC)