Teahouse Exit View

The Tea house was a architecture inside the boundaries of Chinatown within Mega City in the Matrix. It is also the resting place for the Exile known as Seraph, guardian of The Oracle.

Design and AppearanceEdit

Teahouse Table

Tea house view from west side table.

The tea house, along with the rest of Chinatown, resembles a vintage East Asian establishment which was used primarily to serve tea and other light refreshments and food to patrons and bluepills within the Matrix.

The tea house has 10 square-shaped, fabric windows, five on each side of the building, to allow sunlight to enter the building. The walls of the tea house are nicely painted and also resemble East Asian culture with its texture and white color.

Tea House Bowel and Cup

Bowels and cups holding chopsticks on the bench tables.

The tea house holds six rectangular bench tables formed in two rows with three tables lining up together on both the east and west side of the complex. On each table, there are small bowels to hold rice along with chopsticks in cups for patrons to use for their meal.

The tables and entrance door are made out of pure-fine wood.


After hearing from Ballard that The Oracle requests Neo's presence, Neo jacked into the matrix to meet with her. Neo traveled past Chinatown and entered the tea house hoping to meet with The Oracle. Instead, Seraph was inside the tea house waiting for Neo.

When Neo asked for The Oracle, Seraph offered Neo a test to see if he is truly The One and if he is not an enemy of The Oracle.