A standard telephone

A telephone was a long range communication device in the Matrix used by both Bluepills and Redpills alike.


The majority of the telephones within the Matrix came in the appearance of rotary dial phones of mixed colors from black to white. They all had the same ringtone, sounding like a vintage bell ringing signal. The locations of telephones varied from within buildings to different complexes within Mega City.

Telephones within the Matrix were used by both bluepills and redpills for communication. However, telephones were used for communication mostly by the former, while Redpills usually used them for exiting the Matrix.

Telephones as ExitsEdit

Telephone Exit

Malachi using a telephone as an exit

Telephones were rarely used by Redpills for comunicating with others due to the public usage of the telephone being easily be traced by Agents and the like. Redpills and members of the Resistance used telephones within small and private areas where they could escape from Matrix without being seen by Bluepills, Agents or other programs. Many of these were located in telephone booths in secluded places.


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